FAQ for Daycare

What are your operation hours?

Our operation hours are 7.30am to 6.30pm

What is the minimum age for admittance to the learning center?

Children age 4 – 12 are accepted for admittance.

Do you accept ad-hoc drop-in?

The center accepts ad-hoc drop-in students.

Do you offer transportation from school to the center?

Yes, the center does offer pick-up service. The center’s staff will ensure to sent your child promptly to the center after his/her school hours ended.

How can I get more information?

  • Schedule an appointment with our center’s instructor

  • Call our hotline for additional information

Are there any extra programs being offered?

The center offers other programs such as Robotics and GrapeSeed (Oral Language Development).

How much is the fees for a child?

Please pay a visit to our school or contact our office to arrange for an appointment to find out more about our services.

Do you accept a child who solely joins for enrichment programs?

Yes. The enrichment programs are open to both the existing center students and non-existing students.